Productivity and performance come down to one thing. Access; specifically to information. Information is what provides the insight and feedback needed to streamline processes, communication, and to avoid and ease specific pain points. This couldn’t be truer for construction companies and contractors. However, access to data, files, and applications can be challenging. Secure and remote access between offices, job sites, and other locations can still pose obstacles that lead to inefficiencies and higher costs.

Due to the nature of the work in this sector more than simply having remote capability is required. A smooth remote user experience is vital to the efficacy of any platform, as well as the ability to provide ease of use for any user on any mobile device. XenDesktop by Citrix provides exactly this. Users are no longer limited to specific devices; if you can connect to the network you can stream anything that’s wanted, and run any application that’s needed. This solves some major productivity and operational challenges.

Access to Files at Construction Sites

Accessing plans and other documents remotely can be done on any device. Apple, Android, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc. Anything that needs to be accessed from the network is available when and where you need it.

Sharing Data Remotely

Sharing saved or updated information from location to location has never been easier or more secure.

Access to Common Business Applications

Specialized software and applications that are necessary to complete a task or advance a project are no longer relegated to an off-site location. Now common business applications and programs can be accessed via mobile or any other on-site device, meaning the work doesn’t have to stop.

XenDesktop actually does more than offer solutions to these common issues; it also reduces costs while enhancing any-device computing. Endpoint management and anytime/anywhere access means better collaboration and more streamlined processes, allowing projects to be completed more efficiently. Willow Bend Systems is a Citrix Partner that designs, implements, and manages customized desktop-as-as-a-service solutions for construction and contracting firms.

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About the Author

Shayne Reich is the President of Willow Bend Systems.



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